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Free LSAT Workshop and Track Town Pizza

lsat_prepTestMasters will be hosting a Free LSAT Workshop on Tuesday, March 15th from 6PM-8PM in the HEDCO Education Building, Room 146. Track Town Pizza will be served!

Please see the following message from TestMasters:

The workshop will be conducted by Jeff Benjamin, a veteran TestMasters instructor with a perfect 180 LSAT score and 13 years of LSAT teaching experience. Attendees will be challenged with a series of difficult LSAT questions and Jeff will demonstrate the most effective methods for tackling them. If you are interested in law school and want crush the LSAT, don’t miss this great opportunity!

Seating is limited: RSVP HERE!

Lower Cost LSAT Test Prep Available!

lsat_prepCampus Prep, an LSAT prep course provider, is offering a new resource for U of O students. If you’re interested in learning more about the services offered by Campus Prep, feel free to visit their website to learn more, or reach to admin@campusprep.org. You are also welcome to make an appointment with a Prelaw Advisor by calling 541-346-3211! Information about this resource can be found below (all language theirs):

Are you interested in going to LAW school, but can’t afford to pay $1200+ for LSAT prep classes?

There will be a low-cost, high quality, LSAT prep course offered at U of O(open to non-students). You can apply for the course (and see testimonials, etc.) at campusprep.org.

The course will start in April and prepares you for the June test date. The comprehensive, 27 hour, live course includes 3 practice exams and costs $325. (Students who qualify for financial need-based aid pay $195-$215.)

The course is taught by a qualified instructor who has been trained by our national trainer. All instructors for Campus Prep must meet certain requirements (including having a high LSAT score), and must undergo a rigorous training program by top experts.

Wednesdays 6-9pm
4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25

Proctored (practice) exams: Sat. 4/23 11-2pm, Sat. 5/7, 11-2pm, Sat. 5/21 11-2:30pm

“The same caliber as traditional prep courses, but it comes at a cheaper cost.”
-Kristine Jackson, Dean of Admissions at CU Boulder Law

You can try the course by having until midnight on the day of the first class session to receive a full refund for any reason.

Apply ASAP at campusprep.org, as there will likely be more applications than there are spaces available. Email questions to admin@campusprep.org.